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We supply high quality accessories for your ham shack, including Band Decoders, various types of Antenna Switches, Antenna Stacking devices, special devices designed for the SO2R operator, USB Interfaces, Digital Mode Interfaces,  Keyers and many others ...

microHAM America, LLC is the master distributor of microHAM products in North and South America.  We provide local support, stocking and warranty service to microHAM customers in all of North and South America.  
Like many other vendors, we regularly receive requests for DXpedition support.  See our DXpedition support policy here.

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Orders for special order, out of stock and/or limited stock items may be delayed two to four weeks due to transportation delays in either the United States or Europe.

We regret the incovenience.


ARCO is a modern rotator controller designed for reliable operation with virtually any rotator ever made, commercial or home brew.

ARCO provides many unique functions not yet available in any other controller. Rotator motion is carefully controlled using auto-adapting, smoothly graduating/decaying speeds whch reduce inertial stress and prolonging the lifetime of the rotator, antennas and tower.

The only no compromise, all-mode USB interface available anywhere - performance and features unmatched by any interface at any price. DXP™ is a lightweight, portable transceiver-to-computer USB interface with high dynamic range/low noise 24-bit audio ADC/DAC, K1EL WinKey and standatd USB Class drivers. 

Station Master
The best just got better!
Station Master provides radio control,
antenna and band pass filter switching,
plus all the other advanced features

you would expect in a Band Decoder
only from microHAM
The SO2R interface for every station. USB or LPT control, WinKey 2, UART compatible FSK port for each radio, and built-in mic/DVK switching for the most popular contesting software. 

USB Interface III
USB Interface III
DigiKeyer II
DigiKeyer II
The ONLY low cost, high performance
USB radio control AND sound card
interface for any digital mode or any OS
An All-in-One digital mode USB interface with radio control, hardware FSK, K1EL WinKey and industry standard USB Sound.
Updated 22 November, 2021

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